About us

Dialogue First is a small enterprise that has joined forces with major employers, national charities and family law professionals, to offer a common sense way to help you reach agreement.

We exist because no one turning to family law services for help is an expert. In fact, barely half of people that separate seek out any legal advice at all.1 This isn’t good. Not least because the law itself has a good deal to say about child arrangements and money matters. It’s why we believe expert advice is something of a must. Without it, how are you supposed to know if your family’s needs will be met?

However, those that do turn to divorce lawyers report paying a widespread range of fees with over half saying their costs were higher than they expected.2

Dialogue First is an unashamed attempt to change all this. Everything you need from a Dialogue First lawyer is available on fixed fee terms.

1. 47% of divorcing and separating couples did not seek legal advice about their situation between 1996 and 2011. Cited in Mapping Paths to Family Justice: a national picture of findings on out of court family dispute resolution published by the Economic and Social Research Council (2014).

2. As surveyed by YouGov in Family Law Survey (2014) and cited in The Times newspaper.