Dialogue First lawyers won’t charge you hundreds of pounds an hour until the job is done. And neither will they invoice you for blocks of six minutes to read & write letters and take phone calls from you.

In fact, they won’t be charging hourly rates at all. This is in stark contrast to high street divorce lawyers charging between £5,000 and £10,000 to negotiate a settlement for dividing up finances and resolving child arrangements.

You might end up paying less – depending on where you live and the experience of the lawyer – but there’s no way of knowing your final costs when paying hourly rates.

We couldn’t be more different: total costs for using Dialogue First begin at £1,400 (excl. Vat)1 and you won’t be asked to pay all your fees up front. And don’t worry if your finances are more complex or numerous, Dialogue First can bring the relevant expertise to bear and still offer you a fixed legal fee.

1. Example given is per party costs for resolving child arrangements: includes two online meetings with advising lawyer, an allocation of time for telephone calls & emails, mediation awareness meeting, two sessions of online mediation, production of mediated agreement and its conversion into a Signed Document or Draft Order. Precise estimate will be determined by issues involved, location and participating providers.