About us

We are a social enterprise that has developed a common-sense way to help separating families reach agreement at the most difficult of times.

It’s called  Lawyer-Supported Mediation and it’s a direct response to high street family law services being too expensive for most employees. This is a very poor state of affairs since people need structured advice and support when making some of the most important decisions they’ll ever take.

Dialogue First is an unashamed attempt to deliver an affordable and fixed fee alternative that puts the wellbeing of adults and children front and centre.

Lawyer-Supported Mediation achieves this by formally combining the complementary strengths of divorce lawyer and family mediator, to provide the structure and momentum that families need when changing shape.

Dialogue First is the only provider of a such a service in the UK. And we are proud to be leading the way. Our social mission is to shift the culture of high street family law services such that divorce lawyers prioritise an affordable and informed space for separating couples to decide how they’re competing needs can be met.

To realise our social mission, the founders of Dialogue First are partnering workplace innovators in 2017/18. Major employers and trade unions are now recognising the acute and enduring risk to business that divorce and separation already poses at the individual, family and societal level. To cover off this important risk, forward thinking and caring employers need a specialist response. Dialogue First provides this.

To find out more about Lawyer-Supported Mediation, download our White Paper.

And to read about our founders, click here.