Developing the Contemporary Manager

Conversations to unlock early stage intervention
Because peoples’ problems are part of the day job

As a responsible employer, you wonder what sits behind labels such as “stress” and “mental health”. You ask yourself whether the plethora of online tools and training courses will improve MI data and provide the answers?

Because your own life experience tells you performance is an interlocking function of personal and workplace issues that – if undetected – pose a serious risk to our physical and mental health.

As such, you’re ready to respond. But you want a more specialist and purposeful approach to developing your managers. One where early-stage intervention can be nurtured and measured such that many instances of mental ill-health can be prevented altogether.

We like to think we understand. Our journey takes in over two decades of designing and implementing wellbeing support strategies, to more specialist interventions supporting employees experiencing family breakdown. We’ve learned that even a short conversation can make all the difference. This is the skill of The Contemporary Manager.

Experience has taught us that The Contemporary Manager needs the confidence, competence and commitment to deliver early stage intervention:

  • It’s why we work with new and experienced people managers to create the permission space for these conversations to take place. It’s not about making ‘mental health experts’ of line managers; it’s about nurturing an understanding of what happens in a colleague’s life when a major issue strikes.
  • In parallel, we prepare the ground for efficient signposting by matching up these issues with your existing package of employee support.
  • And we work with you to define a baseline from existing metrics to evaluate our impact over the next 12-months.

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