The Contemporary Manager: course outline

Onsite development workshop
(Three-hour module, max. 12 delegates)

  • Introductions – context, confidentiality
  • Impact on workplace performance of personal issues
  • The role and duty of The Contemporary Manager
  • The impact of mental ill-health on the workplace
  • Trigger issue 1: Relationship breakdown, separation, divorce (case study)
  • Trigger issue 2: Debt and financial worries
  • What your organisation is doing to support you and your colleagues
  • What you as a Contemporary Manager can do

Monthly follow-up open sessions for 1-year  
(1-hour, virtual, facilitated by Dialogue First)

  • Embed learning, develop and hones skill
  • Foster peer support and action learning
  • Anonymised reflection note supplied by Dialogue First to HR/sponsor

1-to-1 virtual coaching sessions x 3
(Personalised and tailored support as appropriate)

  • 50-min virtual session delivered by Dialogue First
  • Feeds into Personal Development Planning

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